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Manuka Direct

Genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey Straight from the Bees to you

Manuka Direct was founded in 2018 by UK based Alex Pearson.

Lexie is lucky enough to work with three incredible beekeepers in Hawke's Bay in the stunning North Island of New Zealand where the manuka plant thrives. Their manuka honey is fully lab tested, certified, packed and sealed in NZ assuring the highest quality.

The amount of the major antibacterial component methylglyoxol found in the honey is measured and printed on Manuka Direct labels. It offers 3 grades - MGO 83+, MGO 263+ and MGO 500+. The higher the number the stronger the antimicrobial activity. 

As reported in the Times researchers at Oxford University said "honey is more effective than standard over-the-counter medicines at combating coughs and sore throats." 

This year Manuka Direct has appointed Silks PR & Marketing to help with its PR and marketing.

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