Consultants Specialising in Lifestyle and New Companies
Silks PR
Silks PR & Marketing

Consultants Specialising in Lifestyle and new Companies

Seven years ago Sarah and Katie combined their skills and formed Silks PR and Marketing.

Together they work for a number of fascinating companies including Partridges, Peter Harrington Rare Books, the couture designer Fiona Clare, The Dress Label, Mimi Baldwin Fine Jewellery, Maison de Choup, Gaia di Paola Unique Cushions, Photographer Caroline Gavazzi and The Fencing School.

They help their clients grow their businesses by devising successful marketing strategies with them and by organising appropriate PR for them in relevant national press, tv and magazines.

They also design, produce and write websites, create customer databases and email newsletters, manage social media sites, organise events, introduce clients to new customers and much, much more.

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